aclanz Rechtsanwälte Frankfurt am Main und Berlin

Attorneys in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin

aclanz is an independent law firm with offices in Frankfurt/Main and in Berlin. We represent large international and medium-sized companies, clients from Germany and many other countries. Our mission at aclanz is to provide individual, pragmatic and consistent solutions – we are serving our clients in many areas of business dealings, including representing our clients in contractual negotiations and litigation.



February 11, 2024

Column “Mein Urteil” –“AGG-Hopping als Studentenjob – eine gute Idee?”, F.A.Z. Einspruch, 11.02.2024 has been published. Author is: Dr. Joachim […]

January 12, 2024

Recent publication of aclanz in the German Real Estate Periodical MietRB: “Maklerprovision: Muss Vorkenntnis offenbart werden? ” MietRB 2024, 15

January 5, 2024

Column “Mein Urteil”  – “Gilt bei der Inflationsausgleichsprämie der Gleichbehandlungsgrundsatz?”, F.A.Z. Einspruch, 05.01.2024 has been published. Author is: Dr. Joachim […]



An der Hauptwache 11
60313 Frankfurt am Main
T +49 69 / 2 97 28 73 – 0



Palais am Pariser Platz
Pariser Platz 6a
10117 Berlin
T +49 30 / 21 48 02 28 – 0